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Hey ya’ll, it’s Stoney Lakitu! 

I decided to create this blog to expand on the Stoney Lakitu image beyond the Twitter platform. I love Twitter, but it can be limiting in many ways. 

I would have made a Tumblr, but I wanted this outlet of mine to be more text-based than image-based which I feel Tumblr users seem to favor. 

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but hopefully I can put together some interesting stuff for you all to read. I love retweeting news on Twitter for you all to consume, and ponder. Hopefully this space will be a good place to open up further on cannabis news and some of my other interests(video games, music, art, movies).


Three technologies people think pre-contact Native Americans didn’t have (that they actually did)

An Indigenous History of North America

1. Writing

By this point in time, it’s fairly well-accepted and fairly well-known that Mesoamerican peoples used writing systems, the most famous being Classic Maya writing. Mesoamerica is one of the places where writing developed independently rather than being adopted from neighboring people. Besides the Maya system, there were numerous others: Teotihuacan script (which hasn’t yet been deciphered), Zapotec script (ditto), Mixtec script, Mexica (“Aztec”) script, as well as a number of early scripts that aren’t entirely understood. Mesoamerican peoples created screenfold books on amatl paper. There were at one point a lot of these, but the overwhelming majority were burned by Spaniards. Still, many are still around and they’re well-studied.

What gets defined as writing is highly political, and writing systems in the Americas really deserves its own post, but I’m just going to point out a few systems of communicating information across time and/or space that get ignored…

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